Switch with ?CCC Ex? for the Chinese market

CCC ? without proof of China Compulsory Certification, many industrial goods are denied usage of the ?Middle Kingdom?. Since 1st October 2020, this compulsory marking has also extended to products with explosion protection. Therefore, all WIKA instruments that are categorized as the provisions have the corresponding certificate ? ?CCC Ex?. This also includes switches such as mechanical pressure and temperature switches.
China Compulsory Certification has been around force since 2002. The introduction of CCC was aimed at creating a uniform certification standard for selected goods pertaining to individuals?s Republic of China. It was also designed to ensure equal treatment of domestic and foreign companies and their goods relative to WTO rules.
Certification applies for domestic and foreign companies
Initially, 132 product groups were included in CCC. Since then, the merchandise listed therein may neither be sold or found in China nor imported into the country with out a CCC certificate. Accordingly, pressure gauge octa applies equally to domestic and foreign companies.
Types of instruments with CCC Ex certificate: model PCA compact pressure switch (left), model TXS miniature temperature switch (right) and model MA1 pressure switch with diaphragm element
?CCC Ex? marking
Initially, WIKA?s measuring instruments were not affected by the regulation. This changed when China also included explosion-protected products in the merchandise group catalogue. Since that time, these products must be marked with ?CCC Ex?. The required certification is completed in a three-stage process. digital pressure gauge consists of:
type testing (assessment and certification of the Ex product)
the factory inspection (initial certification of the respective manufacturing site)
the annual monitoring audits after certification
Five-year validity
Like every CCC certificate, ?CCC Ex? can be valid for five years after successful testing, provided the maker carries out the annual monitoring audits.
All WIKA Ex products that match the listed goods of the CCC will have a ?CCC Ex? marking. They can therefore be utilized for the Chinese market without any problems. The instruments include mechanical pressure and temperature switches, electrical thermometers (resistance thermometers and thermocouples) in addition to float and tuning fork switches for level monitoring.
?CCC Ex? ? pressure gauge and temperature switches contain two series:
Instruments with flameproof enclosure (Ex d) for measuring gauge pressure (PXA, PCA, MA, MAG, MAB, MAH, BAX, BA), differential pressure (DE, DA), absolute pressure (APA) and temperature (TXA, TCA, TAG)
Intrinsically safe instruments (Ex i) for measuring gauge pressure (PXS, PCS, MW, BWX), differential pressure (DC, DW), absolute pressure (APW) and temperature (TXS, TCS, TWG).
Further information on our pressure switches and temperature switches can be found on the WIKA website. Would you like to buy pressure switches? In our WIKA online-shop you will find some of our standard designs. For those who have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.
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