Mouvex releases new eccentric disc pumps

Mouvex, a model of PSG, a Dover firm and manufacturer of specialty pumps, has introduced its H-FLO and G-FLO Series eccentric disc pumps to be used in the North American market.
The H-FLO and G-FLO pumps are designed for important hygienic, chemical and industrial applications. – Image: Mouvex/PSG
Designed for important hygienic, chemical and industrial applications, the Mouvex H-FLO and G-FLO pumps supply improved design features and advantages when in comparability with other eccentric disc pumps. เกจวัดแรงดัน10bar contains the pumps’ ability to deal with extremely viscous fluids as a lot as 10,000 cP and soft particles as much as 20 mm due to an increased offset in the eccentric shaft.
With an exceptionally mild, pulse-free flow that protects shear-sensitive merchandise, the Mouvex H-FLO
pump is to be used in meals, cosmetic and pharmaceutical business purposes which require extremely hygienic operations. The H-FLO pump additionally delivers very high vacuum on suction and powerful air compression on discharge that permits it to self-prime and fully strip strains, a critical consideration when maximising product restoration in these applications. The H-FLO pump is EHEDG and FDA compliant.
The Mouvex G-FLO pump has been designed for the protected switch of important high-value fluids in chemical-processing and industrial purposes. Incorporating a seal-less design that features a triple stainless-steel bellows, the G-FLO pump ensures sturdiness while absolutely maximising product containment. It additionally offers a consistent and efficient circulate with a variety of viscosities, eliminating a major utility concern for many chemical processors. The G-FLO pump is CE, ATEX and TA Luft compliant.
Available in 65, 50, 40 and 25 fashions, H-FLO and G-FLO pumps supply flow charges as a lot as 70 m3/h (300 gpm) with a maximum output strain of 10 bar (145 psi).

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