Davis & Shirtliff Celebrates its seventy fifth Anniversary

Davis & Shirtliff, the main water and energy gear provider in East Africa is celebrating its 75th Anniversary, a significant milestone in its company history. This is a most uncommon achievement for any organisation, although especially one which has the same family shareholding and basically the identical market focus since its founding. There are few corporations anywhere with this claim and D&S is therefore extremely happy with the achievement with numerous occasions being held in celebration.
The company was founded in 1946 by ex-soldiers Eddie Davis and Dick Shirtliff after leaving the military, initially being based at Westlands, in Nairobi, their neighbour being Westlands Motors that rose to prominence with the Toyota franchise.
It grew rapidly as the country recovered after the struggle focusing on boreholes, water supplies and the espresso business. One notable early project included the water provide for Karen Estates, the complete initial water provide infrastructure being put in by the corporate as well as for many different of the residential estates that were developed at the moment.
D&S grew with the country and in the mid-1950s the base was moved to new bigger premises at this time Dundori Rd location within the industrial area. An added activity was swimming pools, each residential and commercial and many have been built which may be nonetheless in use at present. Water Treatment was one other diversification, most of the KenGen Tana River stations having D&S designed and constructed tools.
In 1970 associate Dick Shirtliff retired and after a period with one other companion, Devji Shingadia, the Davis family, then represented by Eddie’s son Alec assumed management. The 70’s and 80’s noticed gradual but steady progress because the country grappled with numerous economic and political challenges, though there was a selected give attention to building the pump business for which the company is so well-known, notably through illustration of the Danish manufacturer Grundfos.
1993 was a significant year for both Kenya and D&S because of financial liberalisation which was the catalyst for the company’s fast growth since. It was also the yr that Pedrollo pumps from Italy were first introduced, now the Group’s largest provider. These two developments enabled a distribution strategy to be developed as supply constraints had been removed and the branch community was then established, initially with Kenya branches being opened in Westlands, Eldoret and Kisumu and subsidiaries in Uganda and Tanzania quickly followed by establishing activities on the Coast although the merger with associate Butech. The pump business grew vastly with Pedrollo and the now well-established Solar and Power Generation actions have been then added.
Since the Millennium progress has tremendously accelerated, revenue growing many instances to KShs10 Billion at present. Major initiatives have included a complete redevelopment of the Dundori Rd website with growth into adjoining plots, the opening of subsidiaries and affiliate companies in Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and DRC, appreciable development of the branch community, introduction of the successful Dayliff range of own-brand products and an enormous expansion of the product range with Solar being especially profitable as the corporate developed its focus on renewable power. More just lately a significant growth has been establishment of an enormous 10,000m2 Distribution Centre at Tatu City that provides the resource for increased stockholding and has remodeled distribution effectivity all through the region, this facility being accomplished in 2020. Staffing has additionally grown correspondingly, the Group now employing over 1000 dedicated employees working from over 70 locations.
เกจวัดแรงดันอากาศ is usually stated that success is transitory and sometimes unsustainable, although D&S has managed to maintain unbroken growth for an distinctive time period. ส่วนประกอบpressuregauge has been achieved by industrial focus, manageable ambition, continuous bodily and organisational funding and, importantly, living the values established by the founders of Quality, Integrity and ‘Altiora Peto’, which interprets to embracing continuous change. D&S is now a broadly recognised firm in the region and is pleased with the contribution it has made, summarised by its slogan ‘Improving Lives’ which is demonstrated each by the important nature of its activities and also by an lively programme of group support that focuses on offering water to underprivileged communities, many hundreds of individuals having benefited.
Of course, the 75-year milestone is only a moment in a steady journey and the Group continues to develop with numerous ongoing initiatives and nice plans for the long run. Ably led by CEO David Gatende and supported by dedicated and dedicated executives and employees driving this progress, the company is fortunate that the third technology of Davis’s, Edward and Henry, have joined the enterprise so continuity is assured. The Group continues to broaden in product and markets with a particular concentrate on digital business and looks ahead to maintain serving the region with important products that actually Improve Lives and in addition to reveal that an indigenous African firm can compete internationally and be a world-class organisation.

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